Female Black Inventors Rocks 

Strives for  Advancing Women of Color in Innovations.

FBI Rocks wants to

"Focus your Intellect...Shape your Image...and make you an Innovating STAR"!

F.B.I Rocks (Female. Black. Inventors Rocks) has arrived! This organization is pulling out all of the stops to celebrate and award our Innovative Women and Girls of Color. FBI Rocks Organization is based in Chicago and Atlanta, and there are no age restrictions in our organization. You're never too young or too old to be an innovator. 

FBI Rocks was founded in April 2012 and we are growing more and more everyday. FBI Rocks is the 1st of it’s kind, to solely work with ladies of color in the fields of Invention, Innovation, Product Development and Intellectual Property. Since then, others have realized the need in our communities and began filling similar voids for our ladies too. Although this awesome niche is growing, there is no denying that FBI Rocks is the different from all the rest!

One of the things that makes FBI Rocks unique, is that our organization is paired with powerful Branding, Prototyping assistance; as well as legal necessities for our members. Last but not least, we love to indulge in a Funky Flair of Fashion, because we are "Beautiful, Trendy & Smart" too! We are striving fast to having an Annual Awards Ceremony and Entertainment Concert. We believe that innovation is an art form and we should encumber that facet and share that stage with the best of them!

Although there are "Female Black Inventors" circulating today, we still seem to be a virtually unknown talent; FBI Rocks is here to change that. We all applaud Madame C.J. Walker for putting us on the map (sometime in the early 1900’s) but there are so many other Women of Color that have been pioneers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Innovations that are unfortunately unsung.

Yvette Kendall, The Founder of FBI Rocks Organization (who is also a “Female Black Inventor”), realized that this genre seemed to be completely untapped by women who looked like her. Ms. Kendall felt frustrated with the lack funding, assistance and exposure that she and other women of color experienced. She always says that “Women of Color" can totally corner the market in unlimited areas of expertise; like Technology, Science, Food, Fashion, Design, Health, Engineering, Music carrier systems, Sports Tech and much, much more….​"We can do it All!”

The First Question is....

Are you "Enterprising or are you an Inventor"? There is a difference and something very important for you to clarify. To be Enterprising means "to have or show initiative and resourcefulness." This surely can work in conjunction with developing a product and even more so after it's completed; but its not necessarily the initial steps in solidifying your innovation. To be an Inventor means " a person who invented (invents) a particular process, device and/or product or a person who invents things as an occupation." People who open unique companies, businesses or even chain establishments, tend to fall in the scope of "Enterprising" while people who create new discovered products for consumers are generally classified as "Inventors/Innovators". FBI Rocks  specializes in cultivating the latter, then once that product is market ready....then enterprising will follow.

Volunteer With Us!

We are always looking for people with expertise and a passion for giving back. If you have knowledge that you would like to share with our FBI Rocks Members, we will be glad to give you a platform to do so.

FBI Rocks is open to volunteers that are teachers, professors, specialist, engineers, chemist, developers and all others that are experienced in their respective industries. We will be glad to work around your schedules or (in some cases) come to your location and experience you in your environment first hand. 

Just press the "Volunteer" button (to your right) and fill out the form. Be sure to reference what you would like to do with our organization in the form.

Thank you,

The FBI Rocks Team

FBI Rocks Organization