Yvette Kendall, Founder of FBI Rocks Organization

Image is courtesy of Yvette Kendall

Innovations created by Yvette Kendall

Yvette Kendall is a mother and a product of the Chicago Public School system. Ms. Kendall developed a love for creating at a young age and continued on this path as she progressed in life. Armed with nothing more than a High School Diploma, drive and determination, she began to hone her skills in research and innovation. Shortly thereafter, she decided that concepts and ideas should on store shelves. This was the beginning of a unique platform in which Ms. Kendall began to get noticed for her work. In this position, she has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of people in various genres that have helped her obtain a broader view of what products were in the market and what could be available in the market. 

As she excelled in this industry, she carved our a niche to develop Intellectual Property and create products for the consumer and private individuals globally.  Ms. Kendall was the first to file and put efforts in to developing what the world knows now as “E-Book Readers” in July of 1998. When she invented the E-Reader, she named it the "Bookman" but  it was ill-received; it seems that she was ahead of her time, and the notion of reading books and magazines electronically on a singular device, was a concept too strange for most to conceive.

Because of the difficulties she experienced with finding funding, assistance and exposure over the years and the obvious absence of “Women of Color” in the field of Innovations; Ms. Kendall decided to do something about it! In April of 2012, she formed the first African-American Female Organization for Women and Girls of Color….FBI Rocks was born.

Ms. Kendall is President/CEO of FBI Rocks Organization (Female Black Inventors Rocks); and it's operated by the best and brightest women in their respective fields. With the hands-on experience that Ms. Kendall has garnered in product development, she has made FBI Rocks a one-stop resource for black girls and women to gain interest and to excel in the fields of Intellectual Property and Product Development.

Many of her innovations has made it to a nationwide audience. The 1st being “Scalers Shoes”, fitness sneakers with a built-in body weight scale with digital screen. Scalers Shoes had it's debut on "The TODAY Show" in 2011. Another product that has had success is “Cleencups”, the World’s 1st Anti-Bacterial Drinking Cups (www.Cleencups.com); these cups are coated with a food safe anti-bacterial ink that sanitizes the hands once the user touches them. Cleencups signed a licensing deal with Discovery Channel Television in 2010. 

Other products that Ms. Kendall has invented are “Hatari Helmets” which are motion graphic and animated motorcycle helmets, and “Meal Pearls” which is a new food source developed via use of Bio-Polymers and most recently Ballisticks Panels, new personal life-saving bulletproof panels which has over-performed in initial and secondary testing (www.Ballisticks.com).

Ms. Kendall also developed several mobile applications, food products, skin care items, created search engine improvements and new television and cables system scenarios. Ms. Kendall hopes to see several of her products on the market soon.