1. Have a genuine interest in innovation or be in the process of the innovating.

2. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have written permission from a parent or guardian to be a member of FBI Rocks Organization.

3. Be able to sign a Mutual NDA "Non-Disclosure Agreement" (personally or a parent or guardian). This is to protect your intellectual property, in order for FBI Rocks to assist you with whatever needs you may have (within the parameters of our organization) some disclosure will need to take place. Our NDA’s are standard but feel free to have a professional review them before hand. We will have a link on our site, so you can download our NDA whenever you want.

4. Assist with events whenever possible. This is not an obligation, just an organizational request to show support and the growth of our FBI Rocks Members and Team. We hope to link Female Black Inventors globally because there is strength and movement in numbers.

5. For members that have gone through the patent process previously, that they be willing to share in the mentoring of the less experienced members, from time to time.

6. Be apart of our press! As FBI Rocks grows….people are going to want to see the success of our FBI Rocks Members. So the more innovations we can showcase (after innovations are protected and ready for public ) the better. This exposure can attract people, companies and opportunities to you.

7. Secure a FBI Rocks T-shirt and rock it as much as you can (lol)!!!

Membership Requirements

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