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Article Released January 27, 2017

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You will be hard-pressed to find African-American Females in a field that has long been segmented by well educated Caucasian males. The portrait has been painted that way for so long, that the mere thought of entering that genre automatically stops you in your own tracks. 

African-American women are natural creative intuitives and contemplate innovations all the time; but tend not to allow their thoughts to manifest from the thing, to the concept, to the product. I have long preached to black women to “Be your own collateral…..Be your own commodity.”  You will hear the term “Intellectual Property or IP” often, that simply means; a work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark, etc. 

Intellectual property can be held, sold, licensed or assigned for moderate to copious amounts of money. This financial opportunity can be a one-time event, persist for many years or for a life-time. Being a Patent Holder or even an owner of a “Trade Secret" is very attractive on more levels than just the obvious one. If you visit our website, (Female Black Inventors Rocks Organization), we have been leading the rallying call, for our women and girls of color to join us in the profession of Innovation and Product Development.

It’s more than being an entrepreneur or starting an enterprise. It's a different type of person that can create a product, and have that product to be the fuel for your business; then make that business successful. Your daily life will be conversations regarding Think Tanks, Patents, Research, Prototypes, Schematics, Tests, Results and Presentations. These words will be your new jargon, your new lingo.

To be a pioneer in your community and to inject funds into businesses, schools, places of worship and to assisting in uplifting your communities in countless ways. You also will find yourself in a “Role Model” status. As mentioned before, Female Black Inventors and Innovators are slim to none, individually or as a group. Soon, you we will see a steady crop of innovators that look like you; using you as a blueprint and changing the fabric the world. Your example will stimulate the unknown imaginations of colorful girls and women everywhere.

Thankfully, films like Hidden Figures and a few others are igniting interest in STEM, Product Development and Innovation. This makes our efforts more palatable to the wonderful minds to come. So we encourage you to view our site and read up on the amazing things that women of color have created that makes our world move forward because next time….it will be YOU!

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Black Women Breaking Into Innovations, Product Development and Patent Ownership By Yvette Kendall 

Image courtesy of Yvette Kendall